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TTF Agri and Hardware Sdn Bhd

TTF Agri & Hardware
Sdn Bhd

TTF Agri & Hardware Sdn Bhd was established in the year 2020. TTF Agri & Hardware Sdn Bhd operates as a wholesale and distribution company, primarily specializing in the sale of hardware and agricultural products related to durian.
Our Company
Our Vision
To become a leader in the agricultural industry, dedicated to seeking and providing products that are more suitable and cost-effective. Through collaborative growth with farmers and the enhancement of agricultural technology, we aim to achieve higher agricultural yields. Our vision is to establish a sustainable, innovative, and mutually beneficial agricultural ecosystem, creating greater value for both farmers and consumers.
Our Company
Our Mission
Product Optimization
Continuously search for and introduce the most fitting and cost-effective agricultural products in the market to meet the needs of farmers and consumers.
Collaborative Growth
Build close partnerships with farmers, fostering mutual growth. Through cooperatives and collaborative groups, facilitate resource sharing and technological cooperation to ensure farmers receive support and advancement in their production.
Problem Solving
Focus on addressing the challenges faced by farmers and consumers. Actively seek solutions, listen to their needs, and provide comprehensive support to ensure smooth agricultural production and consumption activities.